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Our Mission

We build and operate validated environments for clinical trials that include Clinical Data Management Systems and biobank

Our Vision

We capture, validate and optimize data quality for the life sciences and medical research in developing countries

Who We Are

We are dedicated to designing and implementing solutions that make research possible anywhere. We have extensive expertise

About Us

Adhityaa Systems has completed 10 years into this service by providing data management and network services for customers with remote operations. We specialize in support for accurate data collection, management and validation. And our extensive experience in clinical trials and biomedical research give us a unique skillset for corporate communications and data integrity.

What We Do ?

Video Conferencing and Telelearning

Mobile Data Collection

Identity Management for International Collaboration

Data Center Design and Operations

Field Site Internet Access and Management

Clinical Data Management Services


We has been involved with support for video conferencing, Voice over IP, and tele-learning solutions . These are an integral part of scientific collaboration and help keep teams working together despite great distances.

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Mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets promise to revolutionize many aspects of healthcare and clinical research beyond merely providing a form or remote capture device.

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One of the critical areas of research is providing identity management for scientific institutions. Organizations need to provide a verified identity to collaborators that can be trusted for accessing scientific tools used for research protocols.

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To support larger scientific research facilities in remote regions ADHITYAA SYSTEMS has built small data centers that provide local computing and storage capacity.

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Our staff have worked in developing solutions to connect laboratories and clinics to the internet for reliable communication and collaboration with international research institutions.

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We provide a full range of services to support this system for research protocols including reporting and statistical analysis, case report design, ongoing data management, and data entry services.

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